Sunday, September 9, 2012

ARRL VHF Contest

I have spent several hours making QSOs in the ARRL VHF Contest today. Chosen location for this was Winfield, MO in EM49 once again. I went there to test this new location on 23cm and for another attempt on 10GHz with Garth W0GR. There were several attempts made during last two weeks, see my other posting here. There even was a successful attempt earlier this week, described in my posting here.


I have heard Garth on 10368.1 MHz about S2-3 in the morning, right at the sunrise in my location. My dish antenna was pointing 5deg. up. Generally, Garth's signal was much weaker than during our last successful attempt earlier this week. Neither Garth nor myself have copied the WB9PNU/B beacon on 10GHz this morning. We didn't make full 2-way QSO today.

Pointing 270deg. towards W0GR

Garth didn't copy my signal on 10GHz this morning. However, we managed to work each other on 144MHz, 432MHz and 1296MHz with solid copy on each band. 

Eggbeater for 144 and Yagi for 1296 and 432MHz

I have also worked John WB9PNU from his home in EM48tm on 144, 432 and 1296MHz and Jim N5MU who was testing another promising portable location in St. Peters area, EM48qr on 144 and 1296MHz.

Pointing  432/1296MHz at John/Jim in EM48

Overall, a successful test, even without complete 10GHz QSO with W0GR. It's nearly 200 miles to his location and we managed full 2-way contact on 1296MHz, after all.

Included below are pictures from the nearby River Dam and Lock in Winfield.

I will certainly return to this beautiful location, either for more HAM QSOs or just to enjoy the view of the huge Mississippi River!

73 Herbert

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