Sunday, July 1, 2012

Power Supply for DMC modules 24GHz

DMC modules used for 24GHz transverter (see my other post here) need (+8.4V) and (-5.0V) voltages, where the (-5V) must be applied first.

I have built a simple power supply that honors this requirement. Original idea came from another HAM's web site. I liked this simple solution with a Zenner Diode, so I adapted it for my needs:

First test results were good. Note that output voltage (+8.4V) can be adjusted by changing resistance of R3. In my case, I have used two resistors in parallel. PCB provides enough space for both of them.


  1. Hi Herbert,
    Congratulations on a great site, and sharing your experiences. I also am working on using DMC modules 24GHz transverter. I noted you comment that "the (-5V) must be applied first" .... where did you get that information? and how did you do it? the images on this page do not seem to be working.
    Andrew VK4JAM

  2. Hi, just found this site. Lots of good stuff. I too have the dmc transverter and although I found the 432Mhz IF conversion, am looking for a 144Mhz conversion if its possible. Do you have any info re this ?