Sunday, July 15, 2012

23 cm Beacon for St. Louis

I have returned to my delayed project of a 23cm beacon for St. Louis. It will be running 10W to 4x "wheel" antenna (by WA5VJB) on 1296.350 MHz and will be located in EM48ss next to the WB9PNU beacon for 3cm.

Here is a picture of the oscillator unit in a small box. The circuit board (by W6PQL) has an oscillator on one side and temperature-controlled oven on the other. This small box will be enclosed in Styrofoam inside bigger box:

Some pictures of the antenna:

I will update this posting with more details and pictures as soon as I have something new to share. It might take some time, but the goal here is to have the beacon operational by the end of this year (2012).


  1. hi how is that antenna performing
    73 Jaap PA0O

  2. Antenna works very well. We have measured it in antenna field. I do not remember the gain. SWR was almost 2:1, but I lowered it a little by experimenting with 75Ohm stubs.

  3. Could I ask your help in putting this together for a beacon in FN03DM? Spacing and materials for construction of the tube.
    Please contact me via

  4. We had a beacon on 1296 in Champaign for a while provided by K3SIW. It ran about 10 watts to a "sawed-off loop Yagi" (a loop Yagi shortened to about 10 elements). It worked quite well. It was something Garry threw together with a Toshiba power module providing the 10 watts.