Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Even more 24GHz Toys

Thanks to recommendations from  Eda, OK1EM, I have obtained some more microwave modules useful for building 24GHz trasverter for ham radio use. These modules are called "DMC" and I have bought them on eBay:

This is a TX-mixer combined with an amplifier. It works well with IF on 432MHz, but requires local oscillator around 23.76GHz about 8dBm. Output on 24192MHz is between 20-40mW. Note that you have to use a filter between the mixer and the amplifier. This module conveniently provides SMA-connection points for such a filter.

This is a RX-mixer. Disregard the 1510MHz label, it works with 432MHz too. We only use the input section that ends with "1510MHz Output", the other section converts the signal to 70MHz and we don't need that, so disregard the cable jumper on 1510MHz.

This is an oscillator. It is based on a DRO element on 1/2 frequency (around 11.8GHz) and a crystal around 104MHz, depends on a model and on output frequency.

DMC modules are more common in EU. Following links show some basic info from web sites of  two HAMs in the Czech Republic. Links open in new window:

OK1EM  and  OK1VM

Please pay attention to block diagrams here and here. Nice and very explaining picture also here.

I have also gotten a nice dish antenna right for 24GHz, made by MACOM. It even comes with a radome.

Open antenna with a feed

This shows the entire assembly

One more 23GHz antenna assembly from eBay - I am going to use this with my "small test station" (described here). This little antenna has a circular waveguide feed.


Following device is not directly related to 24GHz, but it will be used to adjust oscillators for all microwave bands. Following picture demonstrates a temperature regulator (works with a temperature sensor and a relay that controls power for a heater plate):

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