Saturday, June 9, 2012

ARRL June VHF Contest

I was planning on operating my home station in this contest, even decided to install new 55el. looper for 1296MHz on the roof. Discovered that the gutters are full of mess again and decided to clean them immediately and install protective covers to avoid this in the future. That activity took most of the day on Saturday.

This is how clogged gutters look like :-(

Covers installed

Well, that was Saturday. I have jumped out of bed at 5:00am on Sunday (!!) and went to my usual location at YMCA in Westport to work some microwave QSOs.

Of course, this was a contest, so no cellurar phones allowed. I have tried to use my car radio for liaison frequency. While I was there, I have also made several QSOs on 144MHz!


This is how I worked even stations from Texas!

I have also solved how to prevent my 23cm antenna from turning around

Here is the important detail :)
All my antennas on one picture
However, I have still not worked Zack W9SZ on 10GHz from EN50rl. Nice clear sky, no chance for Rain Scatter today .. will have to come some other time and try again.

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