Tuesday, October 18, 2011

First 24GHz Success !!

We have tested my new "24GHz-xverter-to-be" in WB9PNU's lab. John's spectrum analyzer definitely shows a need of a waveguide filter, but otherwise didn't reveal anything bad. Output power on 24GHz seems to be comparable with John's xverter (John uses harmonic mixer x4 from 6GHz and 144MHz IF, I am using different mixer x2 from 11.88GHz and 432MHz IF).

Important is, that we have heard each other today! I have to make a little change on my receiving preamp, but we are generally ready for first field test on Saturday 10/22 during SPRINT Microwave contest.

Both stations on the test bench
(IF radios are FT-817 on both sides):

My station detail:

Let's hope for first QSO this coming Saturday!

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