Saturday, October 1, 2011

Not too many news ...

Well, I am quite busy with my job duties. I only managed a few ham-radio related accomplishments since my last posting here. I also bought fantastic paddle on eBay .. it's a HiMound Iambic Keyer:

Yes, it came with the base .. looks funny, but feels good! I bought this paddle for outdoor use on hilltops during our microwave events and intended to fasten it directly to the tripod, but probably will keep the base attached to the paddle now.

I am almost done with my first 24GHz transverter - just a harmonic mixer using ELCOM synthesizer (posted here earlier). Following pictures document it:

This one shows how simple it is - 12GHz coming in from the left, through the SMD capacitor, to the BAT15 antiparallel diodes and out the box on the 24GHz side. Well, there also is the IF signal of 432MHz coming in through the trace from the bottom. This works both ways, transmit and receive. PCB artwork was designed by DB6NT. Parts were magnified a little, real size is approx. 1/10" for the diodes and little smaller for the SMD capacitor. Smaller board is the new PIC controller for the synthesizer.

This is top wiew of the transverter box .. the 12/24GHz trace is on the bottom side at the right, below the empty space in the enclosure above.

All pieces are assembled, time to put everything together. That will take me a day or two, so I anticipate my very first 24GHz QSO to be made very soon, probably next week!

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