Saturday, July 7, 2012

MAD activity on a Hot 100F Day 07/07

We have tried to participate on MAD (stands for "Microwave Activity Day") activity today.
I have met with Jim N5MU at the YMCA parking lot in EM48sq again. Today's goals were:

  • work W9SZ on 10GHz in EN50rl ... didn't happen
  • work NG9R on 144/1296MHz in EN40na .. achieved
  • test "Eggbeater" antenna on 144MHz liaison frequency SSB ... worked well
  • test my "new" 30W/1296MHz amplifier ... worked very well

Would you believe that it takes almost half an hour to set up all this equipment?

AF4JF equipment for 144/1296/10368MHz used today

I have obtained a 23cm PA from KM5PO (on eBay) long time ago. It works very well, but requires 24V for the power FET and 16V for transfer relay. I have used a power inverter to generate these voltages from my 12V battery.

The 23cm PA, SBMS concept with Infineon PTF10021 FET, is the box with huge heatsink in the middle. The gray diecast box on its left is my 23cm DEMI transverter. Power inverter is on its right. You can also see two power supplies (24V and 16V) in the front of the picture, next the the Diamond SWR meter:

AF4JF gear

Detail on the 23cm PA and the MFJ Power Booster

12V Deep Cycle Marine Battery
(see Power Poles for the Booster and Clamps for Power Inverter)

Overall, a successful day. I will try to consolidate all that 23cm gear into one nice compact box with one power connector. Well, maybe two, but not 4 ... Some day.

73 de AF4JF

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