Wednesday, May 12, 2021

More 122 GHz success

This "news" is actually not new. It happened in December 2020. I have just received the QSL card from Harry WA0CNS. We have made first ham radio contact on 122GHz between the U.S. states of Missouri and Illinois.

This contact crossed a line-of-sight distance of 7.67km (4.76mile). The atmospheric conditions were not all that great. The relative humidity was still too high:

  • temperature 3.6 deg. C
  • dew point -5.2 deg. C
  • pressure 1005.2 mBar
  • humidity 51.1 %
  • wind speed 2.4 m/s
Signal from Harry was S9 with QSB to S5. Herbert's signal was much weaker on Harry's side (Herbert uses a 21 dB horn antenna while Harry has a dish).

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