Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Hiking with my dog - Klondike Park, MO

I have been active recently. After our dog Darcey recovered from knee surgery and heart worms treatment (!!), she is finally able to hike with me. We have been going to several parks around Saint Louis. One of the nicest places certainly is the Klondike Park.

Here are two maps of the area:

There also are several videos on YouTube. I like this one.

Several more pictures:

The scenic overlook on the top of the cliff certainly is a good location for microwave operation, but there is a minor challenge - the entry road is blocked by a beam gate. Means that all the radio equipment would have to be carried about 1/3 mile up the hill. I will try that some day ...

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  1. Wow, some really good wildlife photos H! Nice job!