Saturday, May 7, 2016

Microwave Activity Day - May 7th, 2016

This posting comes after long, long period of doing nothing .. I mean nothing for my ham radio hobby. Looks like the overload from my job is finally over and some weekends not spent on job sites are in line now.

We (WA0CNS, N5MU and myself - AF4JF) went to our local hilltop in EM48rq with open view towards West and tested our 24GHz equipment.

Results were not perfect, but promising. My transverter copied 24GHz signal from Harry WA0CNS quite nicely, but Harry didn't hear mine. My station was only a mixer, no PA used today.

It was very interesting to watch how narrow the signal beam from dish antenna on 24GHz actually is. We need to work on aiming system, probably make contact on 10GHz first and then switch to 24GHz. Some more testing still needed.

73 Herbert

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