Saturday, August 23, 2014

Another Synthesizer Issue

I have published my findings with a MICROSOURCE synthesizer here some time ago. That synthesizer is working fine, along with several  other ELCOM LCDFSL-1201 units in my shack. I thought that ELCOM interface is pretty transparent - until I decided to use LCDFSL-1101 programmed for 10.8GHz (10.368 + 432 = 10.8). Well, it isn't.

I have browsed Internet for a while and discovered that many others would like to know how to program that unit. There even is a new controller board for it on a web site in Australia. Hmm .. maybe later, perhaps in winter time. For now, I have found easier solution. Use ELCOM DFS-1101 instead.

The DFS-1101 does not have connector for external reference. There is an internal Xtal used (I believe 100MHz) instead. This unit uses funny frequency calculation: you have to divide the wanted frequency by 5 and add 1024 to the result. In my case (need 10.800GHz):

10 800 / 5 = 2160
2160 + 1024 =  3184 ..... 31 84 00 is the code the interface needs to generate 10.800GHz

I will keep looking for a solution compatible with my LCDFSL-1101 unit. Until found, this cheap DFS-1101 will do the job.

 DFS-1101 unit (left) with my test board with PIC (WW2R design)

Frequency ~ 10.800GHz, voltage 14.7V (before stabilizers), current 646mA.
Unit works with +6V (some ELCOMs require 8V)

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