Sunday, July 7, 2013

MAD (Microwave Activity Day) on 7/6/2013

The SLAMS group participated on another Microwave Activity Day (MAD) on Saturday July 6th, 2013. I went to my usual location, YMCA parking lot in EM48sq, together with Mel K0PFX and Armand, KD0PXF:

I was set up for 10GHz (dish on the left side), 23cm and 70cm - mostly because this was a first test on few 15el. Comet antenna. It worked well and, even better, this antenna is easy to assemble/disassemble in field. I am going to replace my 12el. Cushcraft with this one and use the Cushcraft at my house for Packet Radio 9600Bd.

Detail of my 23cm gear laid out on a table:

I have experienced the same problem with my transverter - it was overheated even when taken out of the car! Direct sunshine  is able to heat the box to high enough temperature to trip the PA thermal protection. I will have to do something about that before next contest ...


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