Monday, May 28, 2012

More 24GHz Equipment

I have obtained this on eBay. Seller said "23GHz Low Band Unity Transceiver", so I hope to get it to work or maybe just salvage some parts or modules. Seems to have a SMA connector for LO. That is followed by a filter, amplifier and power divider with two more amplifiers, one for RX another for TX paths.

RX and TX path seem to have separated IF connectors (they look like MMX from GPS). Following pictures show the TX section with PA and WR42 waveguide port and RX section starting with WR42 and IF amplifier with filter.

Update from the eBay seller (thanks a lot!):

1 Ground A GND 0V 0V Ground
2 +13 VDC A IX_13VDC +13+1V +13V +13V
3 +5VDC A IX_5VDC +5.0+0.25V +5.0V +5V
4 -5.25 VDC A IX_NEG5P25VDC -5.25+0.25V -5.25V5.25V
5 Ground A GND 0V 0V Ground
6 Spare A N/A N/A N/A Spare
7 RX Temp Sensor A XI_RX_TEMP 0 to 5V N/ARX Temp Sensor output
8 Ground A GND 0V 0V Ground

OK1EM sent me a picture of the unit without all the metallic parts. I don't have to remove all these to see what's beneath them. Thanks, Eda!

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