Friday, April 1, 2011

Next SLAMS Meeting

Once again is our SLAMS group going to meet for breakfast at Panera Bread restaurant at 8:30am on Sunday April 10. We are going to discuss our plans for the upcoming contest season, for SPRINT contest starts just ahead, on following Monday 04/11.

We have several contests to attend, which makes scheduling of our meetings a little difficult. Next SLAMS meeting after this one will therefore take place on Sunday 05/08, just one day after Microwave section of the SPRINT contest. That's actually very important event and I am looking forward for it; we have had lots of fun and made many 10GHz contacts between us, as reported here or here. Will see how it goes this time. I intend to submit my log from this ROVER operation this time.

My contest plans, schedule and locations, phone number etc. will always be published here on this blog.

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